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Firewood 003

I was collecting firewood from a construction site today.   It was a pile of spruce logs with easy access.  Pretty happy about the find.  Then I found a birch tree in the pile, the best firewood in Alaska.  Really happy at this point.

Then I noticed the log had a large crotch in it.  The end grain of the log was competent and had a warm, rich color to it.  I didn’t look close to see if it has any spalting or not.  I cut the log to maximize the yield of crotch wood.  Fingers crossed, I should be able to get several nice boards of flame/crotch birch.  If not, then it can always go in the fireplace.

The log is big by Alaska birch standards.  It is close to 18″ in diameter and I should be able to get a two-foot long board.  It was HEAVY!  I had to get creative loading it into the trailer.

Looks like I need to set up a trip to see Don F. to see what his lumber mill can do.

Firewood 004

As an extra added bonus, after I bucked up the log, I rolled this piece away and it has a nice burl on it!  It has some interesting character.  The bark split while it was growing and exposed the wood underneath, which oxidized and turned black.  I see a bowl in its future.

The only thing better than free firewood is discovering a couple woodworking projects in the pile.  Good times.


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