Acme saw vise repair

My friend Jonathan over at The Alaska Woodworker scored a load of Acme saw filing machines and vises at an auction.  They were all in varying states of repair.

Acme vise bolt 015

The vise clamping lever has a cam that pushes against a round bolt head.  The clamping pressure is adjusted by turning the round bolt in or out with a screwdriver from the back side.

This adjusting bolt was missing from one of the vises.  Jonathan picked up a hex head bolt that was the correct thread pitch (13/16″?)  and I turned it into a round bolt.  To make things a little more interesting, he bought a grade 8 bolt.  It turned out to be a non-issue.

Acme vise bolt 002

I chucked the bolt up and faced the the head smooth.  Then I switched over to making the head round.  This has to be the first time I’ve intentionally rounded a bolt head.  It was a bit noisy at first, but it quieted down as the flats began to disappear.  I guess that was the bolt’s way of saying it is wrong to round over the head.

Acme vise bolt 014

I cut a slot in the end of the threaded portion of the bolt to allow the clamping pressure of the vise to be adjusted.  Knowing that Jonathan is a purist when it comes to vintage machinery, I briefly considered cutting a #2 Phillips slot just for fun.

And the finished part…

Acme vise bolt 010




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