Wood Veneer Hammer

Veneer hammer 008

I made a veneer hammer patterned after the style Steve Latta uses.  I have a commercially made all metal hammer, but as Steve explained to me, a metal hammer gets too hot.  He sets his hammer in a shallow pan of water on a hot plate to keep the hot hide glue from sticking to it.  A wood head hammer stays cool to the touch.

This hammer is made from figured maple and cocobolo.  I did the maple work and I had The Boy turn the cocobolo handle.  I say he helped me make the hammer, he says I helped him make the hammer.  I said I could have turned the handle.  He says yeah, but what he did in an hour would have taken me all day and three pieces of wood.  Fair enough.

It is hard to see in the photos, but The Boy burnished in some accent rings into the handle with an old guitar string.  I think it turned out nice.

Veneer hammer 032

The metal squeegee portion of the hammer is a piece of 3/16″ brass stock.  I started with a square edge and rounded it over freehand.  Before I secured it into the maple head, I polished the brass on a buffing wheel.

Veneer hammer 012

The brass strip is attached to the head with epoxy, then three brass pins (visible at the bottom of the picture above) provided a mechanical connection should the epoxy ever fail due to heat or moisture issues.

The cocobolo handle is attached to the maple head with a wedged tenon.  For a touch of style, I made a brass wedge.

Veneer hammer 035

This hammer was used to veneer this mahogany fan pattern.  It worked just as well as Steve’s hammer and stayed cool to the touch.  What more could you ask for?




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