Pretty Good Maple Plane


About a year ago, Jonathan S. from the Alaska Woodworker and I taught a Krenov style plane building class for the Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association.  We had a dozen or so guys in the class.  We used Hock irons and chip breakers and the plane bodies were made from maple.  At the end of the class, my plane was substantially done and sat on the shelf for close to a year.  Does that make me a real woodworker?  Maybe I need a router table to be a real woodworker.

Each year ACWA participates in the Artistry in Wood display at the Northway Mall.  As president of the club, I encourage all of the board members to lead by example and put at least one piece in the show.  That was my incentive to finish up my Krenov plane.  A little bit of filing, contouring, and finish and I was done.  It did quite well in the show, perhaps because it was the only entry in the woodworking tools division.

The body of the plane is nice, straight grained maple.  The wedge has a little bit of curl to it and it has a pretty streak of spalting to give it some color.

I tried a new finish on this plane.  I made a beeswax and boiled linseed oil polish.  I melted the beeswax and poured it into the BLO.  I had to heat the mixture up to get it to blend.  I applied the first coat to the plane while it was still liquid.  Subsequent applications were when the mixture had firmed up.  I applied it to everything but the wedge, cross pin, and ramp.  Those areas received plain BLO.  No need for the wax to work against the wedge!

I’m happy with the way this plane turned out.  It is a pretty good maple plane.  Certainly not a Nice Ash Plane!

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