Racing wax


I keep a chunk of ski wax on my bench to lubricate my plane soles. I use ski wax instead of paraffin because I want to go faster. It started to look nasty from sitting in the sun and picking up sawdust. 


I scraped off the crud and melted it on the kitchen stove


Then I poured the wax into mini deodorant tubes. I bought these online at Aroma Tools.  They come in a variety of sizes. You could even re-use an old tube of deodorant, just be sure to wash all of the Old Spice out first. 


The only issue I had was that the ski wax is hard and it bonded to the sides of the tube and wouldn’t come out when I turned the knob. My solution was to put the tube in my pocket to let the heat soften the bond. 

This project was easy to do and now my plane wax will stay clean…if I can remember to put the top back on it. 

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